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The joy is in the Journey

Is it though? Really? Is the journey the best part of a trip to Disneyworld? For the most part I guess we all know the answer to that. Of course it isn’t. However, it is a massive part of any visit to the world’s vacation kingdom. Well, maybe not so much if you live in Central Florida.

So I thought I would take a look today at the relatively epic journey we take to get to the World. It normally starts with an early morning drive to Manchester. This is often done through the dark and misty hills that line the center of England. Something about getting up early to begin a holiday tends to fill me with excitement, in much the same way it did when I was a little kid and my mum and dad used to drag me and my brother out of bed before sunrise to drive down to Devon or some other south coast place. And that was before the cars were decent so the drive would take most of the day. I feel sorry for mum and dad now, looking back on those trips, all those hours with two annoying, loud boys in the back? Well..

Between us we have a big problem with being late, so our arrival at the airport is normally a little while before the Virgin staff even arrive at their posts, rubbing their bloodshot eyes. Fine by us though, it leaves a little time for second breakfast, just a little snack of some kind. Then we are able to check in and move on through to the departure lounge to watch the sunrise.

Manchester airport duty free is not bad. To be honest I’ve flown from quite a few airports and they tend to be much of a muchness. I tend to question the point of looking at the duty free stuff though. When you’re setting off for two weeks abroad, why would you want to start it by carrying a couple of bottles of whisky and a million cigarettes? Buy it on the way home for crying out loud.

So time passes, as it tends to do. You find yourself being bored for what feel like about ten minutes, then suddenly it’s time to board. As usual the announcement goes out. “Would those passengers in rows 65 to 55 pleas board.” With us being British, our nature is to join any que we can find. So within moments the organisation is completely shot as almost every passenger (Except for mister Smith, but we can talk about him shortly.) is standing waiting to get on the plane. But you decide, no, I’m going to play by the rules. That, of course, is the flipside of being British. We do like to follow instructions. So the que situation unfolding before us causes quite the quandary. Well, they said only those rows, but that looks like way more people. If they’re getting in line, then so am I! You eventually decide, after, an epic internal struggle, that you should join the line, at the exact moment your row is called. Ok, lets do it. Down the tunnel and onto the plane. Where you will spend the next 9 hours of your life. Hold on, what was the hurry? Mister Smith may be onto something.

Everyone gets comfortable. Someone almost always finds a way to get their TV working, while someone else inevitably breaks theirs. I find that I can’t put my headphones on yet anyway, because I need to keep my noise cancelling earplugs in. My ears don’t like the pressure. I then wonder why in the world I didn’t bring some decent headphones of my own. Curses. Next time, then. Now we enter into the waiting game. The cabin crew go through their checks but wait, there is a passenger missing. Yes, it’s the erstwhile Mister Smith. You know the one, every flight has one. You hear the name paged several times before the gate closes. Here he comes. And does he look sheepish? No! For Shame.

Lets imagine the next nine hours go quickly. The plastic food (UK airlines like UK restaurants, still have yet to grasp the nut allergy problem properly.) the tiny screen, the dropped back seats. When I sit in a chair at home, I don’t immediately recline it every single time. But the person in front, they seem to feel the need to recline from take off to landing. Oh, thank you so much. The new in flight entertainment systems are pretty amazing, and now there are a ton of movies and TV shows to keep you entertained, not to mention the music selection. Would you believe they even have a little Metallica? Cool.

Ok, so you spent the last hour watching the coast slip by and now you can start to make out features as you descend. Personally this bit freaks me out, so I like to watch the land to forget that I’m in a flying caravan. The Pilot pulls off the impossible, landing without a thud. Ahh Orlando International. The drive back to the terminal from the runway seems to take an hour!

The fasten seat belt light goes out and a thousand clicks signal there may be a race to get off, as everyone stands up and gets their carry on ready. Forgetting that First class, Premium and Premium economy go first. Ok, now it’s time to go. Luckily we are Brits so everyone politely lets each other out of their row. Up the tunnel, then there is a marathon to walk down the corridor with posters for Disney and Universal. This doesn’t help matters as by now you’re almost running. Then you spill out into the immigration hall and the most almighty of ques.

I shall skip the next part for fear of being in trouble with the DHS and all that, and move on to the monorail. You have your bags, but because the airport is so stupidly massive, they need a monorail to get you to the main building. It’s crowded, of course. Lots of just landed flights and everyone has their luggage. It brings you to the terminal, and this is always a magic moment for me. Finally, I’m in Orlando. If it’s near enough to Christmas there will be a massive tree in the area that counts as the Hilton lobby. In general, its pretty cool. But we move on by.

Down the escalator and to the floor where the car rental places are. We line up and wait our turn before politely declining all offers to upgrade in some way. Come now, we did our research. Do we look like amateurs?

Right, paperwork in hand we finally leave the terminal. The sun is still up and we are hit by a wave of heat. Oof its hot! But now the adrenaline is starting to flow freely and all those hours of being awake (Who ever sleeps properly the night before their Disney trip anyway?) wash away. So the car rental guy tells you any car from this row. You feel like you should be taking something much smaller, but you take one anyway. Picking the one you like the best. And you should, it’s your car for the next two weeks.

Now we set Sat Nav to US maps and away we go. It takes longer to get used to driving an automatic than it does being on the wrong side of the road. Since most of the traffic is now tourists everyone seems nice and considerate. We make our way to I4 and then on through main gate. I would be lying if I said it didn’t give me goosebumps, even now.

You navigate the Disney road system easily and then park up and check in. Now you get another flow of adrenaline, as everything is suddenly real. A quick visit to the room to drop everything off, then out for a quick bite, but you’re too tired to even taste the amazing food you’re putting in your mouth. Ok, time for bed.

One thing is for sure, you go to sleep smiling, ready for what the next two weeks will bring!

I hope you enjoyed reading this. I have a question now, for you – the reader! Just a curiosity is all. Anyone who is American and drives down to WDW from wherever, can you tell me how far away the signs start for Disney? I have driven to Jacksonville a few times and never really noticed on the way back to property how soon the signs begin. So do you see signs from as far away as Georgia, or is it just when you close those last few miles of I4? Thanks.

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Movie night

Ok so my wordpress app has been acting a little funny. I seem to have a post that disappeared and now is back. Hopefully I can get that one up later this week.

For now, lets take a look at some of the movies we have watched lately. Our journey through the Disney Animated Classics has us deep in the renaissance age. And when you watch some of these you can see why they were able to spark such a great revival. A couple of weeks back we watched Hercules. I really liked this one, but that’s no surprise because I really like Greek mythology and the original Harryhausen Clash of The Titans is one of my favorite films. It also helps that Danny Devito stars, and I’ve been watching It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, so just hearing his voice makes me giggle. The animation is good, and the story, well its almost unchanged from the classic by Homer, so thats always going to work. They did make a few little changes to the story, mainly to make it a little more Disney. But it works. And there are some good songs in there too, but that brings me to my final though on this one. Greek Mythology mixed with Gospel singers? Ok, whatever. I guess its just an inefficient way to move the story along.

Mulan was enjoyable, my only issue with this one is it seems like not much actually happens during the hour and a bit of the film. Girl pretends to be boy, boy joins army and goes to war, falls in love, but is luckily a girl, girl is shamed, girl saves the day, girl is praised as a hero. In fairness its got some good comedy in it, mainly thanks to Eddie Murphy, and a couple of decent songs. And much of the animation is very visually appealing.

This was my first viewing of Hunchback of Notre Dame, and I thought it was quite good. I got the impression that lots of research trips took place for this one, as the animation of the Cathedral is amazing. I think the only problem with this one was the lack of a comic relief character as such. The Gargoyles seem to be meant to fill that gap, but there isnt enough of them. The overall theme of the film is quite dark, and maybe a little more adult than most Disney flicks. Still, good film with some very good songs hidden in it.

This week we watched Pocahontas. One thing we noticed here was the animation quality. Most of the time its fine, but then there are occasions where it gets a little raw. Maybe parts had to be spliced in, I dont know. Its not the most musical of films, but it works. I guess it must work because it obviously inspired James Cameron to seemingly completely rip off. I found the hardest part to watch was the ending, John Smith promising to return to Pocahontas, but I guess all the adults in the room know he wont make it more than a few days at sea… oh, no, dont think that way, its a Disney film, and yes, I’m fully aware there is a sequel, so he obviously survived.

So that’s my latest movie round up. Be sure to tune in next time, when I critic more beloved movies.

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Magic Their Way?

Love it or hate it, it seems that Fastpass+ is here to stay. To be fair, Im a fan. Its good for those who wish to be fully organised, and you still get the spontaneity of booking more later if you want to. A lot of people seemed angry when the system was introduced, like Disney were trying to keep tabs on them. But you know what? I dont care. If they want to keep tabs on me while I am in WDW then so be it. First off, when Im in WDW I feel safer than anywhere else in Florida. It may be because it feels like home, but more likely is the feeling that there is always someone looking out for you. Should something bad happen, then help is never far away. This is a feeling I enjoy and it is one of the things that keeps up coming back year after year. I know a lot of people freak out about the whole ‘big brother watching’ stuff, but my question to them is this… Why? What have you got to hide? When a system is put in place to keep you safe, roll with it, dont fight it.

Wow. That was an almighty tangent there. But the Magic band system seems to be a good system, and while many were slating Disney for wasting money on it while Universal was putting billions into JK Rowlings pockets, I cant help but think that sooner or later everyone else will be playing catch up to Disney. But thats just my opinion.

Probably the more common complaint regarding FP+ is that people dont want to think about what ride they are going to be doing in a couple of months time, for me I think its all part of the planning. Just as I like to picture the restaurants and food I plan to have when we are putting together our ADRs, I think its fun to picture the attractions and what is involved with them.

Of course, I do have an FP+ related gripe, and this is it. The tier system. It can leave things a little difficult. If you only have one day in a park and you need to pull in two major attractions such as Tower of Terror and Rock n Roller Coaster, then you will have to que for one of them. However, I also Thought last year that the ques were a little less than the previous year in the standby lines. Sure, the FP lines were longer, but they move faster. Which is why I think the system seems to work. That said, I havent seen it in action during a really busy time.

So there are my thoughts on FP+. We seem to have gotten most of ours, except the times are never exactly what you want. The joy of the magic band extends to paying for things and park entry, oh and room entry, so thats cool too.

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Moving on

Well, that’s the Paris trip committed to the memory banks, the photos printed and made into a nice album, and the full online review complete. That can only mean one thing… its time to start looking towards the next Florida trip.

And so, where are we at in terms of planning for Florida? Well if I’m honest I think most of it is done for now. The basketball schedule was released late last week, which allowed us to complete the moving around of days we always knew would be needed. So instead of getting up early on a Sunday morning and hitting the road to Jacksonville, this year we will be spending a nice casual day at Disney Springs, then making a move into the city of Orlando in the evening. I am entirely open to suggestion regarding where we can eat though, as we have never been to a Magic game before, and come to think of it we haven’t even been into the city of Orlando unless you count our very first trip, when we got married, and needed to visit city hall to pick up our marriage license. That particular escapade was full of incident and I’m sure one day I will regail you with the details, but for now, lets just say we are strangers to the city and leave it at that.

One of our major considerations this time when booking the dining has been what Sarah’s mum will and wont eat. Last year was our first time as a group of 3, and we found that even places with seemingly bland menus became a challenge. A minor issue I have right now is that I forget exactly what is on the planning board, and for some reason the photostream doesnt seem to want to sync for me, but I’m going to call on my memory and try to discuss a few of the things we have booked (Sarah seems able to recall the whole thing perfectly, but there you go…).

So the first one that springs to my mind is Tepan Edo. Now you may be wondering why I make a point of mentioning that my mother in law is a picky eater and that we have been careful of where we are going for her sake, only to dive into this with Tepan Edo. Well you see, she is quite happy to eat chinese food at home, and if you have never been, the food at Tepan isn’t really the main event. Of course the wonderful show chefs make this dining experience worth doing. The food can be a little simple with grilled shrimp, chicken and steak, a selection of vegetables including onion and peppers, and a pile of udon noodles. But the experience of joining some total strangers around a large flat-top grille and watching a chef do their thing is definatley worth while.

Another reservation which jumps out at me is Raglan Road. This one is a sure fire easy pick, mainly because Irish food is not really very different at all from English food. Its a nice place this, and last year when we visited, Sarah was not feeling well at all, so they happily fulfilled her request of soup and mashed potatoes. Huge props for that. Oh and the Irish dancers, they were really good. As far as Im concerned, there are some pretty interesting options on the menu too. And its generally very good.

Although that raises a very important point, and one that we have been trying to get across to Sarahs mum for some time. The servers will happily modify something on the menu for you. If you like the sound of something but it comes with a spicy chutney or garlic potatoes that you don’t like the sound of, then ask for it without. Most of the time they’ll sub it out for something else anyway. This is something we are quite used to with Sarahs nut allergy. Point out what you want and they’ll probably make an effort to let you have it.

Ok so I think that’s where I’m going to leave things this week. I will make an effort to either learn the plan or at least get a picture of the board on my phone so I know what I’m talking about. And we can discuss some of the other plans.

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Disneyland Paris in Review Pt VIII- Summary, or I’m Going Home!

Following that meal at Café Mickey, we agreed to return to the DLP and see if we could make it to the fireworks. We tend to eat quite early, so the sun was still up when we got back into the park. We didn’t really do much in terms of attractions. We rode Buzz Lightyear again, but I think that’s about it. We more just wandered, taking in the park at sunset, and it was very beautiful too. I recommend a sunset stroll if you want to get some good pictures. The sun sets somewhere behind the castle, so you get some really nice sky effects and such. Anyway, I digress before I start going technical regarding the photography side of things… 

Our times guide said that the fireworks would be at Midnight I think (we so are not used to summer Disney Park visits) and that was still quite some distance off. We talked things over. The main issue being that the next day would be a long one, as we would have the train journey followed by the long drive home. And I was going to need to be at work the following day.  So we agreed that our own well being was more important than seeing the fireworks, had a few last looks at the park after dark, and got ourselves off to bed.

  The following day began in much the same way as all the others here. At breakfast in the hotel there was an announcement that the park was now open. This was new on us, as it was 10am, and we had been in there at that time before. We reasoned that the fact that today was Bastille day maybe accounted for that.

We took our bags to the hotel baggage storage room, where a nice chap took our bags and put them in the room for us. Then we got along to the studios for another shot at Remy, because the ride is that good! Then we did the compulsory last day selfie in the park and left.

Next up we did a bit of an inspection of the Disneyland Hotel. Inside the hotel is pretty much a small scale replica of the Grand Floridian. Its a nice hotel, and we managed to find the restaurants, which one assumes would make a very nice setting for a romantic evening meal. 

 From here we took a walk into the DLP, noticing that there seemed to be a million English schoolkids. It must have been school trip weekend. We enjoyed the ambiance of the park with an ice cream, and it was odd. In the magic kingdom, when it is busy there is a frenzy in the air, everyone seeming to need to get where they are going asap and get on every ride. Here, despite the crowd, there was an overall sense of calm. 

 So we left the park for the last time and went for lunch at the Earl of Sandwich (It had to be done) where everything is very much the same as at downtown disney. Except that they misheard me and sold me the wrong sandwich… ah well.

  Picking up our bags was straightforward, and wheeling them back to the station was quite a simple exercise. One bit of advice for the return journey, if you visit the parks in the morning before you leave, swing by the station and buy your tickets in advance. This will save you needing to join the inevitably long que when you return later in the day.

I will spare you the details of the return journey other than to say it was pleasant. Again the upgrade on the Eurostar paid off, and we were back in England before sunset. The drive was a little tough at times, it seems that late at night when the motorway is down to one lane and the speed limit is 30, the lorries want you to go much faster, and generally act like fools. Other than that though, its a drive I know well, and so it was not too bad.

  And so that brings us to the conclusion of our trip. Just a few observations and Im done…

  • If you are going to the resort from Paris by train, check you are buying the right ticket. If in doubt, find a window and ask.
  • Book your dining. This sounds simple, but you may be surprised by how many people dont.
  • Pick up a map! It is very easy to get lost in both parks, especially the DLP.
  • If you dont like the taste of slightly metally water, take some cordial or sachets or something. This will save a fortune as the drinks in the parks can be quite expensive.
  • We didnt do it on this trip, but another money saver is to buy your lunch in the station in the way into the park. The sandwiches and water here are significantly cheaper than inside the turnstiles.
  • Most important of all, you don’t need to do everything to enjoy yourself! take your time and enjoy the parks!

And so that brings me to the end of the Disneyland Paris experience. I hope it’s been as fun to read as it was to write… And now to move into full scale Florida planning…

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Disneyland Paris in Review Pt VII – Café Mickey

  The day at the studios had been a good one, so now it was time to go back to our room, get changed and go for a nice meal. Character meals here are a little scarce (as are character interactions) but we felt it had to be done. Again, the weather was splendid around the lake as we strolled to and from our scaffold clad hotel. A little pre meal shopping to get our appetites up… (not being on a plane meant the only limit to what we took home was what we could physically carry, a rare delight which meant we could buy some heavy kitchen utensils…).

The restaurant itself sits on the very edge of the Disney Village, facing the hotels. If you were staying at the New York, then you would have a very short walk to this place, which would make it a viable option for breakfast (Which I think is included in the meal plan but don’t quote me on that!). As you approach the first thing to hit you is that there is a small que. Now I wouldn’t mind if we were eating at a popular time, but it seemed to be just at the start of the evening session. Fortunately we didn’t have to wait long before we went in (A surprising amount of people asked why we were waiting and if we had booked. Yes. We had booked.) and were seated at a small table. The decor was a bit outdated and dare I say slightly run down inside. However, the appearance of Tigger served to very quickly brighten up the place. He was followed by Goofy, then Pluto. And during this time we still hadn’t seen anything of our server. Oh dear.

Anyone familiar with the sitcom Fawlty Towers? well our server made Manuel seem super competent. First off his English wasn’t great. Ok so that’s not his fault, but it is the fault of whoever seated us in his area. When we tried to tell him about the nut allergy things got really difficult. It turned into one of those times you just have to go with common sense and hope for the best. For starters Sarah opted for the ceaser salad again, mainly because she figured it wouldn’t contain nuts. Well about five minutes after taking the order, ‘Manuel’ was back. Sorry, but the Ceaser contains nuts. Please choose something else. Sigh. Ok so she ended up with the mozzarella and tomato which was really nice (Even if she couldn’t have the bread with it.), but would have been better without the confusion. I had the marinated vegetables and pasta. The Salad was ok, but not as good as the one at Walt’s. I assumed this was because its a cheaper place with more emphasis on the characters than the food. My thing was ok, if not a bit odd. A bit of Parma ham, some vegetables and pasta and a bread stick. It didn’t exactly curb my appetite…

  Before we got our mains, Tigger was back, which gives you an idea of how not full the place was, even with a growing line outside… Sarah again decided to play it safe and went with the vegetable pizza, which I must say was very nice. However, at the first attempt the server brought her a pepperoni pizza. Now one thing you need to know is that she hates pepperoni.  

 So the pizza was taken away and a new one quickly made. During this time I had to sit with my Mafaldine Marinara sat in front of me going cold. (It’s rude to eat yours before your partners food arrives you know!). I kind of picked at it a little, and finally the correct pizza arrived with a surface temperature hotter than the sun. As I said, the pizza was very good. 

  Mine, was a little on the strange side for me. And that is saying something. There was a weird stringy stuff on top which I didn’t know if I could eat it or not. I tried and tried. I even mixed it into the shellfish sauce before deciding it had to go and fishing it out and dumping it on a side plate. Next was the strange grey quaver sitting atop the dish. I think this was a bit of deep fried fish skin, and to be honest, it was disgusting. (This from a guy who eats just about anything). The sauce was tasty, with a little kick of spice, the pasta was very enjoyable, and the asparagus was cooked very nice. Then my final issue. Sarah had an inkling and went digging into my dish until she found it sitting at the bottom. A king prawn, complete with head, eyes, legs and everything. This is about the only thing I know I hate, Rubbish in my food. Is it too much to ask that it be ready peeled for my enjoyment? I proceeded to peel it and dump the remains over the side with the stringy stuff. All issues aside, it was a nice dish and I guess it would have been really nice if it was still warm… 

 And so Eeyore and Mickey had been by by now, and we made our dessert choices. This was particularly difficult because literally everything had nuts in some form or another. We both opted for the strawberry mousse (safe option, right?) and fortunately Sarah’s was topped with a strawberry, while mine was sprinkled with chopped nuts. Which I proceeded to remove. Ruining the appearance of the dish. To be honest it wasn’t great. Just a run of the mill mousse. 

 By the time Goofy had been back for a drink of our cokes, it was time to go. Hopefully the server had a better night after that because every table we could see had to send something back at least once. Poor guy. So the final word on café Mickey is this. Take your kids if you have them (if not, don’t worry, go anyway!), have fun meeting the characters, it’s a good chance for some great photos. But please, don’t expect a great meal. If you get one, be pleasantly surprised. (Be happy if you get what you ordered…)

And there we have it. I’m kinda shocked at how much I just typed on that one. Apparently dining reviews just flow with ease eh? Well come back next time as we go back into the park in the late evening, a look around the Pink Palace, a look in the park on Bastille day, and make our way home.

Thanks for reading.

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Disneyland Paris in Review Pt VI- Le Studios

  Following a decent night’s sleep and another good breakfast in the hotel we set off for a day at the Walt Disney Studios. The Disneyland Paris Resort added the Walt Disney Studios back in 2002. The last time we visited this park was that February morning, and the partners statue in the park courtyard was dusted in snow. This fine morning, snow was not going to be an issue. The Parisian summer air was already nice and warm by mid morning. 

 Onto the important part, what do you need to know about the Studios? well once you pass through the turnstiles and walk through a small courtyard (much like the one in the DL park) you enter a large building (This creates a funnel effect which must be so much fun on the busiest of days) which is a sound stage made to look like Hollywood at night. Inside is a facade of the Hollywood Brown Derby as well as various other themeing. A shop, and a counter service eatery are also in this area. Its a bit of a choke point, but I can see it being very handy (and full) on rainy days.

  When you get back outside the first thing you see is the Partners statue in the courtyard. Beyond this looms the Tower of Terror, orange instead of pink, and styled differently, but still shrouded in mystery and screams. Our first stop was the Crush coaster because it dosnt run Fastpass, but the wait was around 65 mins so we turned and headed for the tower. Using our fastpasses we got into the Library pretty quick. This is where you start to realize that the Studios is a very French park. The video is dubbed into French. I dont think there are even English subtitles (although I may be wrong) which is very odd. Rod Serling’s magnificently clipped together introduction pretty much ruined by another voice. Into the basement and there are a few creepy Twilight Zone references dotted around, then you get loaded in much the same way as in Florida, and away you go. The actual ride differs slightly, but I wont ruin it for you. If you don’t ever plan to go, then I suggest checking out youtube.

  The backlot tour has a film on the tram with Jeremy Irons and some French actress riffing off each other in a bi-lingual way which gets a little confusing. The actual tour is similar to the now closed one in Florida but the boneyard area is very sparse. Perhaps this will get populated with some donations from the Hollywood Studios?

  In 2007 the Toon Studio added a couple of Pixar themed rides, and in 2012 a Ratatouille area was built. This area is really good, if a little confusing. You are in Paris, 40 mins from the actual City, and here is a re-creation of a small part of the city itself. Well, I guess it’s based on old Paris. And at least there is no Eiffel Tower to re-enforce the belief that it can be seen anywhere in Paris… The area has a shop (obviously) a restaurant which we couldn’t get in to (I think the food may have looked a little too a la carte for a theme park to be fair) and a ride. The ride is really good. It uses the trackless ride system which is really smooth, and a similar 3D setup to the rides at Universal where you move around then stop in front of screens. The themeing and story are quite impressive and I thought this was the most technically and visually impressive ride I have done. It may not be a big thrill, but hey, that’s not Disney, is it?

We generally don’t bother with Lights Motors Action in Florida these days, so we skipped the French version, on the premise that it would be mostly in French. We ate in the sound stage, and both had chicken burgers, which was not very exciting, but the selection is not overly extensive.

  After lunch we did the shows. Animagic is a live action/Cartoon romp through some of the classics. Once again the running theme of the park is evident. Mickey speaks French and is sensible, Donald speaks Duckky English and is far from sensible. They get into scrapes and such, we enjoy several musical numbers including ‘Under the Sea’ in french, and everyone leaves smiling.

Cinemagic is really good. Martin Short stars alongside a French Actress whom I imagine the French visitors will recognise…(Julie Delpy – Sorry). Marty is a tourist who lost his baggage and blunders into the movies, where he stumbles from one movie to another while Julie follows him. Again, the French are well represented by a beautiful actress, while the English speakers have good old Marty… Hmmm. That said, this is really good and stands out as one of the resorts best attractions.

About the last thing we did was the Stitch Live show in English, which is the same tech as Turtle Talk, an enjoyable show, with Stitch being his old naughty self. All good fun.

Upon leaving the park we picked up our afternoon treats. Almond Magnums. Great. We gave these to some fellow Brits who were just entering the park. Waste not want not and all that…

So that is the Walt Disney Studios in a nutshell. It’s a growing park, and we skipped quite a few attractions for whatever reason. I would certainly say that if you plan a visit then the second day is very much worthwhile, as there are some great unique attractions here that are not to be missed.

Well, thats it from me today, catch up next time for our evening meal at Café Mickey.